Exotic beaches of Casablanca

Casablanca beaches

Casablanca nowadays is getting too much attention due to many reasons, including the beaches. The city has the most exotic beaches where a person can lay down on the sand while enjoying the burning sun up in the sky and the waves saying hello to the shore. Most of the beaches are on the south side of the city of Casablanca Most of them are open 24 hours so that anyone can go there. Still, the beaches are dangerous for swimming, but one can go there for a family picnic, or even the couples can have some quality time there. Some of the beaches are described below :

Mriziga Beach 

It is a beach adjacent to the mosque Hassan II; due to low tides, it has some natural pools that come in handy while swimming in the water or just laying down in it, it is very famous among young people.

Lalla Meryem beach

It starts from the Cape hank to the club of Tropicana Yacht. It is close to the city, including hotels, restaurants, and the Megarama cinema.

Corniche Beach

This is the most famous sand(s) of Casablanca district, and the main appeal is numerous restaurants and hotels that offer good quality living places and food for those who want to tour this beach in this town. Beach clubs are situated close by the beach’s coastlineand these are the preferable breaches by the sun slobbers. These beach clubs are full of holidaymakers during the summer and spring seasons.

Beaches of Sidi burnout and Ain Sebaa

beaches are adjacent to each other; these are crowded almost all the time with the locals and the surfers; these beaches are not suitable for swimming. These beaches are not fully developed, and you will not find any of the other entertainment like hotels, restaurants, and discos or the night markets as these beaches are poorly designed. Still, the government is about to take some steps towards them.

The corniche and Ain Diab beach 

Ain Diab the beach is a widely spread beach that starts from the Tahiti beach but is separated by Miami beach; this beach has a wide-spread area that reaches from the reefs to Abdel Rehman. Ain Diab Beach is very popular for children because it has some naturally built pools that are shallow, making this child friendly. The beach itself is dangerous because of the strong waves so that swimming can be fatal here, but the good thing is that this beach is perfect for the surfers and is mostly crowded all the time. 


The beach also has various hotels where one can enjoy their stay while having a fabulous view of the beach; this beach has many restaurants to dine in, enjoying the cold breezes. This place is also an excellent place for the residents as they can come out after they get back from their respective workplaces; their tiredness will go away as they sit on the shore watching the dark sky blooming with the shine of the stars and the moon. This beach is also near the Great Morocco mall, where one can shop for their desired items.

Agadir Beach  

The great time to visit Agadir beach is during winters, and it is a very sandy and fresh beach in Casablanca. You can enjoy numerous leisure activities at this beach like rides, cafes, swings, rides, beach clubs, food stalls, and many more things for all people of any age. This beach is mostly liked by friends and families, visiting the city of Casablanca for a tour.

Finally, we can say that there are many beaches in Casablanca that are populous for distinct qualities. For the tourists who want to spend their free time for amusement in the best way, these beaches are the finest choices to go and have fun.

Bouznika Beach

This beach is situated 70 km north of Casablanca, and it is a paradise for surfers in the summers. People like to spend their weekend at this beach. The main appeal includes a playground for children’s beautiful landscape with sands for clicking photographs and shooting. The beach has a large-scale coastline, so it will never get overcrowded, and this makes the beach an attractive and lively place.

Gran zenata 

In the north of Ain Harouda, there lie the beaches of Bikini and Zenata. These beaches are broad, but the problem is that there is not much development, unlike the other beaches, these beaches are poorly developed, so these are not for the tourists but only for the locals.

Babaloo Beach

This beach is situated in Tamaris, which was later known as the village, but now it has become a famous place and a beautiful resort for exploit lovers. This beach is found 20 km from south Casablanca. Other attractions of this beach include swings and a cafe nearby. The location of this beach is very outstanding, just beyond a high cliff. Babaloo beach also has a well-furnished resort for the tourists. The visitors want to live close to the beach and enjoy weekends there.

House Beach

This beach is the best choice ever for those visitors and even locals who love Japanese shipwreck and wild nature. This beach is located 100 km away from Casablanca city, and the environment of the beach is the entire reason for its becoming a popular enjoyment target. The beach has beautiful golden sand and is situated between two cities, that’s why it is the best place of attraction for numerous walkers and surfers.

Beach Monica

This beach is located 20 km in the north of Casablanca city, and it is a very calm and peaceful location off from all types of the town’s annoyance. Therefore, it is a bit wild and not suggested for children and families, but it is still considered as one of the best beaches in Casablanca. The beach’s environment and locality are clean and unspoiled, making it a favorable beach lover destination.

Quality Beach

Oualidia is a delightful village in Casablanca known for its Saadian Kasbah and fantastic beach. The beach is located in this beautiful town. It is the best choice for families who want to adore sunbathing that adds to its specialty. The city is situated 182 km in the south of Casablanca city. This beach has a vast number of other desire-abilities for tourists and visitors visiting about all over the world.


Casablanca is the dwelling and habitation place for great best beaches, and these beaches attract hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, most likely in summers. Chiefly families, sun atheists, and those looking for relaxation and someone who wants to spend free time with full enjoyment and satisfaction are suggested to visit these beaches in Casablanca. Have a good journey and tour!!